Online entertainment is replacing all of our former past-times: Amazon Video and Netflix are replacing television, Kindle and podcasts are replacing books and radio, and spending on video games is at an all- time high. Consumers are fully adopting interactive digital entertainment and Amazon is committed to being a major force in this market. With investments in the development video game hardware and software and the upcoming integration of game and content sales into Twitch, Amazon is firmly in place as a key innovator in the Video Games market.

The Numbers

Amazon video game comparison dat report analysis

  • $30.4 billion: 2016 US Video Games sales.
  • $2 billion: 2016 Video Games sales on
  • 1%: The YoY growth of the US Video Games market.
  • 11%: The YoY growth of Video Games on this week’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, known as E3, Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, the Xbox One X. The latest generation of video game consoles began with the Nintendo Switch, released early this year, which has reinvigorated public support for Nintendo after the relative failure of the Wii U. But Sony remains the market leader with PlayStation 4, originally released in 2014.The lifespan of PS4 is truly impressive, still generating a tremendous amount of sales both of games and of the console itself long after its contemporaries, the Xbox One and the Wii U, had lost steam. In 2016 on alone, individual PS4 consoles made $45 million in sales and individual PS4 games made nearly $300 million – and that’s not including sales of bundles.In 2016, Amazon was responsible for 6.5% of the total US video games market and while the PS4 was the biggest driver of these sales, there were a few other key trends responsible for Amazon’s place as a major market leader.

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