In the second quarter of 2017, Amazon’s sales of consumables continued its double-digit growth. Despite the total Health & Personal Care and Grocery markets being in decline, Amazon’s sales in these product groups grew by an average of 45% across the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada, according to One Click Retail data. The popularity of Amazon Fresh and Prime Pantry continues to grow as consumers shift away from brick and mortar shopping and turn to eCommerce for consumables. Let’s look at how these product groups (HPC, Grocery, Beauty and Pet Supplies) have sold across Amazon in Q2 2017:

Amazon Consumables Amazon-international-sales-data-for-HPC-Pet-Beauty-Grocery

Amazon Health & Personal Care

CountryTotal Sales Q2 2017Growth Q2 2017Top Category Q2 2017
US$960M40%Nutrition & Wellness
UK£59M40%Nutrition & Food
Canada$19M75%Baby Care
France€12M55%Baby Care

Across the US, Canada, the UK and France, Health & Personal Care was the largest of the four “consumables” product groups, accounting for nearly half of Amazon’s total consumables sales. While the highest growth rates took place in smaller markets like Canada and France, even in the US and the UK (Amazon’s most developed markets), HPC grew by roughly 40% in Q2. This following a 30% YoY growth in Q1 in both countries.Amazon-Q2-2017-International-HPC-Sales-Data

In all four countries, Baby Care was a major growth driver, particularly in France where nearly every top-selling and fastest-growing item was in the Baby Care category. Household Consumables drove growth in the UK, France and Canada, with standout growers including Oral Care the UK and Nutrition & Wellness in Canada. With the total baby products market experiencing a decline in overall sales, Amazon has emerged as the sole channel experiencing a significant sales increase in this market and many top brands such as Pampers experienced triple-digit growth.

CountryTop Category Q2 2017Top-selling Item Q2 2017Fastest-growing Category Q2 2017Fastest-growing Item Q2 2017
USNutrition & WellnessBounty Paper Towels – 12 CountHealth Care (55%)Charmin Toilet Paper – 48 Count (300%)
UKNutrition & FoodWaterWipes Baby Wipes – 12x60 CountHousehold Consumables (100%)Pampers Nappies – Size 4 (265%)
CanadaBaby CarePampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 4Household Consumables (140%)Bounty Paper Towels – 12 Count (890%)
FranceBaby CarePampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 4Household Consumables (80%)Pampers Baby Dry Diapers Size 6 (700%)

Amazon Beauty

*Including makeup and lotions, but excluding appliances such as hair dryersAmazon-Q2-International-Beauty-Products-Sales-Data

The beauty market has always been a challenging one for Amazon. The cosmetics industry relies so heavily on experiential retail (free samples are proven to influence purchase decisions) that eCommerce can’t compete at the same level as it does in most other product groups. Because Amazon’s success in this area has always relied on volume, Skin Care is the major growth driver for 4 out of 5 countries in our report. For the most part, when consumers buy mass market skin care products they know the brands they like and they stick to them—making Amazon the perfect place to shop.Amazon-Top-International-Beauty-Revenue-ASINs-Data

Make-up and cosmetics are a different story, however. Make-up is a cheap luxury, something that makes people feel good without breaking the bank, so during the recession sales of mass market cosmetics actually went up. Now that the recession behind us, the growth is happening in premium and prestige makeup, which relies more on specialty outlets and experiential retail. Mass Cosmetics are experiencing strong growth on Amazon in North America and Make-Up is the strongest category in France, but overall the Beauty product group is still dominated by Skin Care.

CountryTop Category Q2 2017Top-selling Item Q2 2017Fastest-growing Category Q2 2017Fastest-growing Item Q2 2017
USMass Skin CareGillette Fusion Blade Refills - 12 CountMass Cosmetics (60%)Crest 3D White Teeth Whitening Kit (400%)
UKSkin CareRapidLash Eye Lash Enhancing SerumPrestige Skin Care (130%)Ardell Professional Demi Wispies Natural - 4 Count (145%)
GermanySkin CareOlaplex Hair Perfector No.3Prestige Hair Care (140%)Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 (260%)
CanadaMass Skin CareCrest 3D White Whitestrips - 14 CountMass Cosmetics (70%)Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women Eau De Parfum Spray (690%)
FranceMake-UpWUNDER2 Wunderbrow Sourcils Parfaits en 2 MinutesHair Care & Stylings (130%)Filorga Time-Filler Mat Soin Perfecteur (400%)

Amazon Grocery

*Including Alcoholic Beverages and Amazon Fresh product groupsAmazon-2017-Q2-International-Grocery-Sales-Data

Amazon’s recent investments in the grocery space have put a focus on perishables, through the Prime-exclusive Prime Pantry program. As Prime membership continues to rapidly grow – Prime Day on June 11th was the busiest single signup day in the history of the program – perishables follow suit, driving a growth of 110% in the US during Q2. Still, Amazon Grocery is dominated by Coffee and Beverages, which have always performed well in the eCommerce space. Across all countries, many of the top items include coffee pods (Keurig and Tassimo brands primarily showing 400+% growth), while two different sizes of Essentia-brand drinking water appear in the three top growth items in the US.Amazon-International-Grocery-Top-Revenue-ASINs

Alcoholic beverages are also gaining in popularity in certain markets, with Spirits now ranking as the 2nd-largest (and the fastest-growing) grocery category in the UK and in Germany, and both Spirits and Wine driving growth in Germany and France. In most of Canada, however, Amazon is not legally allowed to sell alcohol; and while Amazon is selling wine in the US, Amazon PrimeNow is currently only selling Beer, Wine and Spirits in certain states in accordance with state liquor license laws. So, the demand for these products in the US and Canada is likely higher than our figures suggest.

CountryTop Category Q2 2017Top-selling Item Q2 2017Fastest-growing Category Q2 2017Fastest-growing Item Q2 2017
USCold BeveragesKeurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Medium RoastPerishable (110%)Essentia 9.5 pH Drinking Water – 12x1 litre (330%)
UKBeveragesTassimo Costa Americano 5x16 podsSpirits (350%)Tassimo Kenco Americano Grande 5x16 pods (420%)
GermanyBeveragesAptamil Kindermilch 1+ 5x600gSpirits (60%)Aptamil Kindermilch 1+ 5x600g (520%)
CanadaCoffeeVan Houtte Original House Blend 30 K-CupsCold Beverages (130%)Kicking Horse Coffee Grizzly Claw Whole Bean (440%)
FranceBeveragesDanlee Huile de Coco Vierge 500 mlCondiments, Spreads & Cooking (270%)Senseo Cafe Corse Pods – 5x36 pods (480%)

Amazon Pet SuppliesAmazon-International-Pet-Sales-Data-Top-Categories

Pet supplies are a great fit for eCommerce. Pet Food is especially a good fit, as people typically buy their pets’ food in more economical bulk sizes, and our Amazon data proves it: Pet Food is the fastest growing category in all 4 of the countries we’ve examined, and the top selling category in 3 of them. Pet Food’s Amazon domination is clear: the top selling item in the US is a 40-pound bag of cat food from Precious Cat, a household necessity that would be inconvenient for some and impossible for others to bring home from the store. In the US, dog food makes up 8 of the 10 fastest-growing items in this product group, with 5 of them from Blue Buffalo, a brand that is quickly becoming the most popular dog food on

In Canada, which has the highest growth rate of all four countries, Amazon is experiencing success with their private brands, taking both the top selling and fastest growing item titles: AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads has grown by 710% in Q2 and has made Training & Behavior the top category in that country.

CountryTop Category Q2 2017Top-selling Item Q2 2017Fastest-growing Category Q2 2017Fastest-growing Item Q2 2017
USPet Food & Feeding SuppliesPrecious Cat Cat Litter, 40 pound bagPet Food & Feeding Supplies (40%)BLUE Life Protection Formula Dog Food (220%)
UKPet FoodLintbells YuMOVE Dog Joint Supplement for older dogs Pet Food (25%)Felix As Good As It Looks Mixed Jelly Pouches (225%)
CanadaTraining & BehaviorAmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy PadsPet Food & Feeding Supplies (70%)AmazonBasics Pet Training and Puppy Pads (710%)
FrancePet Food & Feeding SuppliesMerial Frontline Combo - Cat Pet Food & Feeding Supplies (25%)Royal Canin Medium Sterilised 12kg (410%)

The growth in sales of consumables on Amazon far outstrips domestic growth in each of these countries. While consumer trends are shifting, for the most part people are not buying significantly more consumables than they used to. Instead, the growth in eCommerce consumables sales (for which Amazon is the market leader) causes a decrease in brick and mortar sales. Even in product categories not typically associated with eCommerce, such as perishables and spirits, brands need to focus their efforts on Amazon in ordered to compete effectively in 2017.

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