Gadgets have taken the market by storm. Wearables, home automation and robotics – not to mention Alexa-enabled devices – have increasingly driven sales and growth on Amazon across all product groups. Though gadgets are capturing the public imagination year-round, the impact is felt most deeply during the holiday shopping season. So with Black Friday weekend coming up, here are our top picks for the hottest holiday gadgets from Amazon first-party sellers this year.

Based as always on the most comprehensive current and historical data from One Click Retail, we’re going to break down how these brands have achieved their positions at the front lines of gadgetry and what lessons any brand looking at selling directly on Amazon can learn from their success during the holiday season.

#1: Fitbit Ionic SmartwatchAmazon-hot-holiday-gadgets-wearables

Our pick for the hottest holiday gadget this year is the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. Last year’s flagship model, the Fitbit Charge 2, was the fourth-bestselling item on Amazon during Black Friday weekend and was advertised as an Amazon Best Deal from Wednesday to the end of Cyber Monday, with an average discount of 44%.

The market leader for fitness trackers launched its latest model, the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, in September of this year. Ionic represents a conscious move in the “smartwatch” direction, including all the standard Fitbit features but adding its own operating system, support for downloadable apps, built-in GPS and even a NFC chip enabling payments via the new “Fitbit Wallet.” All of this (and a larger screen) mean that the new Fitbit is not just a fitness tracker anymore.

Combining the strength of the Fitbit brand with the growing popularity of smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear is an inspired move and it’s no surprise that, since its launch in September, the Ionic has been the bestselling wearable technology on Amazon. The ubiquity of the Fitbit name was a big factor in its success: though Fitbit ranks highly for a variety of search terms, the majority of traffic to its items was from shoppers who searched for “Fitbit” directly.

Another major factor was targeted promotions. Choosing the right days for your promotions can have a major impact on your sales. Fitbit’s deepest discounts were focused on Cyber Monday, helping to drive its strongest sales day and earning $4.7 million in sales for the Charge 2, nearly four times the sales volume of Black Friday. This year’s promotions have not yet been released, but we are confident that Fitbit’s latest model will be one of, if not the, top first-party gadget on Amazon this holiday season.

#2: Nest Thermostat EAmazon-smart-thermostat-sales

When it comes to Amazon search, look no further than Nest for an example of success. Last year, Nest saturated search results, being the #1 click-share performer in 4 of the top 5 non-brand-specific search terms related to thermostats, including “Smart” and “WiFi” thermostats. Though the closest competitor in 2016 – the Sensi Smart Thermostat – had the same discount percentage of 20% and a lower list price, Nest was much more successful in search results and placement. This resulted in the Nest Learning Thermostat ranking as the 6th-biggest 1P item on Black Friday 2016, with daily sales peaking at more than $2.5 million on Black Friday.

Nest’s latest model is poised to make an even bigger splash in 2017. The Nest Thermostat E targets the average consumer, with a lower list price of $190 compared to $250 for last year’s 3rd-generation model. Though it has only been available for a short time, the more accessible price point has already made the Nest E the top-ranking thermostat on Amazon: during the month of October, the E earned four times the sales of the 2nd– and 3rd-ranking thermostats.

Another competitive advantage is that both the Nest E and last year’s model are WiFi and Amazon Alexa-enabled. Alexa compatibility has become a major factor in purchasing decisions in the home automation field, helping Nest to achieve much higher conversion than its non-Alexa-connected competitors. The Nest Thermostat E combines all the features of last year’s leading item, including Alexa functionality, with a price that is more accessible for all consumers, making it our pick for one of the top gadgets of the 2017 holiday season.

#3: iRobot Roomba 690Amazon-holiday-vacuum-sales-data

Hype is a powerful thing. iRobot is aware of this fact and has used hype to keep its Roomba consistently at the top of the Amazon charts since its release in 2013. In 2016, iRobot didn’t depend on buyers stumbling across the Roomba while browsing; instead, they built up the anticipation for a big promotion beginning on the Thursday evening of Black Friday weekend. Sure enough, shoppers lined up for the sale and the item completely sold out on Friday, despite a relatively shallow discount of 14%.

In May of this year, iRobot released its latest model, the Roomba 690, which adds WiFi connectivity and Amazon Alexa support to its classic 600-series. t Owners can now manage their vacuums with the iRobot HOME App and speak directly to their Roombas through their Amazon Echo. All this for only $25 more than the 2016 top model, the 650.

Currently, the “classic” Roomba 650 is still the bestselling item from iRobot, but in the month of October the 690 sold four times what it sold during its first month on the market. Judging by the significant month-over-month growth – bringing the 690 to rank just under the 650 as of October – and the increased influence of Alexa compatibility on purchases, we expect that the 690 might finally dethrone the 650 as iRobot’s bestselling Roomba during the 2017 holiday season.

#4: GoPro Hero 6Amazon-camera-holiday-sales

GoPro is a case study of focused promotion. Like Fitbit, GoPro is so ubiquitous that almost all relevant searches were brand-specific – shoppers just search for “GoPro”. To compete with this, in 2016 most competitive items were discounted for long periods and advertised well before Black Friday weekend. But GoPro took a different tack, offering a 31% Deal of the Day discount on Black Friday on last year’s brand-new Hero 5. This helped to drive $3.1 million in sales, making the Hero 5 the 15th-bestselling item all weekend with 50 times the sales of the top rival hands-free camera, despite being discounted for one day only.

This year’s GoPro Hero 6 was released in late September and is already the top-selling hands-free camera on Amazon. During the month of October, the Hero 6 sold 300% more than the Hero 5, not including sales of the GoPro Karma drone accessory. By pairing its newest model with drone technology – the GoPro Karma drone is the second-highest-selling drone on Amazon –the Hero 6 will almost certainly become one of the top gadgets of the 2017 holiday season.

#5: Anki CozmoAmazon-smart-toys-holiday-sales-data

The only item on this list that is not new to 2017 is the Anki Cozmo, the #1 robotic toy on Amazon. Last year, Cozmo was the 18th-highest-selling item during Black Friday weekend, with a discount of 17% off the $180 list price and the biggest sales day taking place on Cyber Monday. Promotional pricing for 2017 has not yet been announced, but as the #6 bestselling toy on Amazon overall and the only robotic toy to make the top 100 Black Friday items in 2016, Cozmo is yet to have any serious competition in the robotic toys space and is likely to remain one of the hottest gadgets during the 2017 holiday season.

These five examples show that, beyond having a good product, success on Amazon is about strategy. GoPro shows that focused promotions – and building anticipation for those promotions – can allow brands to build hype and excitement for its latest models. Nest has optimized its Amazon search rankings to secure its position as a market leader in smart thermostats. Both Nest and iRobot have had success targeting average consumers by offering models at more accessible prices, while also getting a leg up on their competition by introducing WiFi and Alexa connectivity to their home automation devices.

These are our picks for the hottest holiday gadgets in 2017 not just because they are great products, but also because they are brands with proven track records and smart strategies for achieving success on Amazon this holiday season.

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