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Amazon just quietly introduced the new category of Vitamins and Supplements. Under its Amazon Elements private label, this new category has appeared without any advance warning or press – but from where we’re sitting we can only see this as a major move.

Last week, I wouldn’t have blamed you for thinking Amazon Elements was dead in the water (though I wouldn’t have shared that opinion). Amazon Elements was launched in 2014 but since recently discontinuing their diaper category, the brand has seemed stagnant. Meanwhile, Amazon has invested in their other Consumables Private Labels (CPLs), most recently Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime.

The introduction of Amazon Elements Vitamins and Supplements comes as a surprise, as it’s the first expansion of the brand since 2015. Following the dropping of their diapers line, this comes as a major show of commitment from Amazon to investing in and expanding their private brands.Amazon retail data on vitamin supplements

Amazon Elements is branded as “Premium Products – Transparent Origins – Exclusive to Prime”. It’s the middle one that’s really key here: transparent origins. Supposedly this focus on transparency is a pet project of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and it’s clear the company is trying to capitalize on the consumer demand for transparency within certain product categories, Vitamins and Supplements included.

Amazon is taking a more measured approach here. Our research shows this was a highly tested product and Amazon is leaning heavily on that fact in their marketing materials. Just take a look at these product detail pages:

They are absolutely loaded with text, images, charts and technical details. There’s a basic description of the product, followed by a very detailed certificate of analysis, a description of the production process, details about the ingredient origin, and even an FAQ! No prior Amazon product launch has ever looked like this.

“We know it’s important to you to have a transparent view into the product you’re consuming. That’s why we include details about the ingredients in our Amazon Elements [PRODUCT NAME], including its origins and purpose.”

Even the labels themselves contain a code beside the word “Transparency”, scannable with the Amazon app, which provides consumers with details about the ingredients, origins, and more. This had to be a major integration point with the supplier of the products, Arizona Nutritional Supplements.

In another sign of Amazon’s measured approach with their latest CPL product line, Amazon Elements Vitamins and Supplements are “Available exclusively by invitation”. Because the brand is currently and exclusively available to Prime members, initially limiting this product category to a small group of users allows Amazon to beta test these products prior to a wider release.Amazon private brand data on vitamins and supplements ecommerce

I wouldn’t worry about a long wait, however, as Amazon is clearly taking private brand expansion very seriously. They’ve rolled out over 50 new products in just the past three months, with a variety of success.  Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime still showing only mild sales and growth, currently representing less than 1% of category share, while the older sibling product of this new category, Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, is really killing it, almost doubling in sales YoY and now representing a 12% share of the baby wipes category.

One thing is for sure, Amazon really prioritized the launch of this new Elements product category. There’s no sales data on it yet, but we are watching very closely to see how Amazon Elements Vitamins and Supplements performs, and what’s next up Amazon’s sleeve in Consumables Private Labels.

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